DPP Bank Rakyat [Rehearsal Malam Apresiasi 2013/2014]

This a rehearsal video of DPP Bank Rakyat performance for Malam Apresiasi 2013/2014 session. This event held at Dewan Muadzam Shah. As you can watch the video, our DPP got an indian dance as a theme.

Yes, i am in one of those girls. Spot me!

I don’t know how i can get all of those courage to dance on a big wide stage. I also can’t remember how i can get into all of this. To be very honest, i am very afraid to be in front of people and my last dance performance was in 12 where i dance Ulek Mayang (Our team got second place for it).

This is one of my thing that i am very proud of myself. Where i can show them that even though i am very bad in communicating and make friends, but this activity make us together (Yes, all of us don’t know each other). And as a first semester student, and perform in UUM biggest hall, Dewan Muadzam Shah (Who else are lucky enough to perform on this stage in their first semester?)

It was tough when everybody is so awkward and quite shy to dance together but our senior don’t stop giving us courage to do it. 🙂

I am appreciating this a lot. Even though we didn’t win but we enjoy it.


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