Crime: The robbery (Synopsis)



To those who don’t know what is this entry is all about, let me explain. To those who already know, just proceed by reading the next paragraph. This is the synopsis for my English Communication group roleplay. Since our video sound is poor and we are not a good actor, the message is not delivered. So i decided to re-write the synopsis. To watch, [click here]


Scene 1

Place: Gangster house

Time: Afternoon


Jebon is counting his money while Jongos and Jendol are playing a video game. Then, the land lord come to the house to collect money rental from them. Since they don’t have enough money, they ask for extra time to pay the money rental. The land lord willing to give them extra time (which is tomorrow) and the interest will be at 70%. They reluctantly have to accept the offer or the interest will be at 80%. To get a lot of money in a short time, Jongos suggest to rob a new company that he knew that don’t have really a tight security. Jebon have no choice but accept the plan. 


Scene 2

Place: In the company

Time: Midnight


The guard of the company is trying to catch up that day news by reading a newspaper but, he couldn’t understand any word from the newspaper (because tha paper font is too small and he never went to school). The paper shows the police wanted person, unfortunately the guard ignore it and sleep. A few minutes later, the gangster sneak in to the company.


Scene 3

Place: The boss office

Time: Midnight


The boss getting too sleepy since she is too busy managing her company, bankcrupt. Calling her pantry girl to make her a cup of coffee. Too bad because her pantry girl is so rude. And yes, the boss fall asleep.


Scene 4

Place: In front of boss office

Time: Midnight


Jebon and Jongos can’t believe that they passed in front of the guard easily. Meanwhile, Jendol has get into the boss office and fall into the boss beauty (But not for Jebon and Jendol). They quickly find valueable item. But suddenly, the boss wake up from her sleep (Not really, she actually sleep walking. She don’t even realize what is she doing) and have a conversation with the gangster. Also giving her cashbox to the gangster.


Scene 5

Place: In front of boss office

Time: Midnight


The gangster couln’t believe what happen and just want to get out from the office quickly but, the boss is sleep walking again and join them. Because of shock, Jebon faint. Jongos panic and take the cash box and runaway. Jendol don’t know what to do, so he just crying beside Jebon. The boss finaly wake up from her sleep (for real) and and feel strange with 2 guys in front of her. Since Jebon is still unconsious, the boss ask guard to call an ambulance. Unfortunately for the gangster, the ambulance didn’t come but police are. Jebon and Jendol suprise when police make a warning and trying to escape. But stil got caught. The gangster are actually the most wanted gangster by police.






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