Me and cat relationship


One day, Hallya sent me a picture through whatsapp. The picture was about “If cats started to headbutt you, means that they declaring they are yours.” — Yes i love cats, i even have one cat that i really take care in my dorm eventho there’s a rules saying pets are not allowed.

 But i kinda person who loves to hug and kiss my cat. and i can feel that they even feel annoyed with me. But they cant do anything since i fed them. Well i can see they have a different behavior when they got hungry and full. Hallya knows about this well too. 

 Since she know how i treat most of cats, she send me that picture by saying “Did ever your cat headbutting you?” And i was like, “WHUT THEY  NEVER HEADBUTT ME BUT IM THE ONE WHO HEAD BUT THEM”


It’s clear that im the one who belongs to the cat, and those cats don’t want to belongs to me.


No wonder most of the cats i met were comfortable with me at first and then a few days later, they will just going to ignore me. AND TRYING TO AVOID ME TOO. 




Dear cats,

Please don’t avoid me and please start to love me back.

Sincerely, your owner.