Anti social, you?

Last night my highschool mate send message.

He told me how hard he tried to reach me, he whatsapped me and i never reply. Even a double tick –Because i forgot to tell him that i changed my phone number.

Luckily he contacted me through facebook mesengger. Suprised, i told him “Fortunately this facebook messenger still working even though i have uninstalled facebook apps”.

“Why did you uninstalled facebook? Are you trying to be anti social now?”

His answer make me think. Wasn’t it supposed to be the one who have more social account considered as anti social?

P.S: I have been thinking to deactivated my facebook because i dont really use it (until i started my sem and my group assignment use it

–Look i  wanted to have a day without my phone too. My semester break life is bored. Nobody to hangout with 😢


People to live with, friends

It is so irony how i get jealous with people who have a lot of friends and at the same time most of people would advice;

“Keep your circle small, less hatred”

I guess people nowadays are not fun enough to be with.

Friends are should be the people who we go when we got upset, happy and everything –A place to share everything.

Back-stabbed, talk bad about you, got annoyed when you are happy –This is not a definition of friend.

Don’t you realize when people talk bad behind you means that you are a few step in front them?

Do not give up to be friends with many people and widen your friends range.

You friends is a reflection of who you are. Just remember that you will get back what you give. Be nice with everybody.