Forbidden love

Forbidden love

Admit it that you hate when your tiny toes try to be friends with the edge of a desk or a cupboard.


“If your sins h…

“If your sins had an odour, would anyone sit next to you?” – Boona Mohamed

The quote say it all. Everyone is a sinner, everyone is smelly.


DPP Bank Rakyat [Rehearsal Malam Apresiasi 2013/2014]

This a rehearsal video of DPP Bank Rakyat performance for Malam Apresiasi 2013/2014 session. This event held at Dewan Muadzam Shah. As you can watch the video, our DPP got an indian dance as a theme.

Yes, i am in one of those girls. Spot me!

I don’t know how i can get all of those courage to dance on a big wide stage. I also can’t remember how i can get into all of this. To be very honest, i am very afraid to be in front of people and my last dance performance was in 12 where i dance Ulek Mayang (Our team got second place for it).

This is one of my thing that i am very proud of myself. Where i can show them that even though i am very bad in communicating and make friends, but this activity make us together (Yes, all of us don’t know each other). And as a first semester student, and perform in UUM biggest hall, Dewan Muadzam Shah (Who else are lucky enough to perform on this stage in their first semester?)

It was tough when everybody is so awkward and quite shy to dance together but our senior don’t stop giving us courage to do it. 🙂

I am appreciating this a lot. Even though we didn’t win but we enjoy it.



This is one of my favorite video from JinnyboyTV. I reminds me a lot about my primary school days. 90’s kid gonna understand this.

Let’s travel to our primary school days! do watch this video. I bet most of us miss those days right? This is it! Jump to primary school moment.



My first ice skating experience

Ice skating experience — Link to the entry of my first experince ice skating provided here. Do click to read.

First of all, i want to stress that ice skating is not easy as you watch people ice skating a television or youtube. (I bet you must think that ice skating is that easy when you see all the stan that the skaters did). You can never imagine how does it like when youre on the ice rink.

Second, don’t ever give up to stand up and slide on the ice rink. Because the first timer normally will fall on the rink a lot. I repeat A LOT. But don’t worry because seeing other people sliding on the ice rink back and forth without fail can give you courage.

I don’t write this to destroy your imagination on how wonderful ice skating is, but i am giving you a reality picture. To ice skates, you have to ready physically and mentally.


Good luck to those who are going to try ice skating. Just remember this “If other can do, why not you?”. Well this help me a lot. I reflect on myself a lot on the ice rink. You can do it.


Often Allah doe…

Often Allah doesn’t give us what we ask for now because he wants to give us something more or better later on — Sh. AbdulBary Yahya

This quote is sent by my friend through whatsapp in a picture. He said “To be shared together”. 

As a reckless human, i sometimes feels like why i destined this way?  Sometimes i feels like, i am the most unfortunate person in the world. (Im sorry i can’t list more. Complaining alot but sometimes disobeying Him. I feel ashamed on myself.) 

This quote personally comforts me. To appreciate everything. To appreciate on the stage that i have climb until i’m 20. To appreciate my weakness and be grateful on how the way i are. Because, i know. Allah have a big plan for me. Bigger than my own plan. The most perfect plan ever. All i have to do is doing my best to obey Him.

I am sharing this to wake your spirit, to raise your mood. Don’t ever complaining on what Allah have stated on what are you going to be, but appreciate. Maybe one day you will understand why. 

Last word. To live a happy life, cherish every moment.



Expectations vs. Reality: Action Movies

I would like to share with you my favorite vlogger from Hawaii, Ryan Higa. I have been watched their videos since i was 15 years old and now im 20 and still watching.

Well Ryan do have a very unique idea that he show from his video. He is creative! Even though he talk quite fast (well sometime he sounds like rapping) but i still can understand his message.

As stated on the title, lets free and clear our mind with this video. This could let you to free from your problem a while. Take a look!