25th May 2014 – Last day for STID 1103


This is a picture of STID 1103 student for this semester. Yes, today is the last day. To those who absent, one word “missed”. You missed this wonderful moment.

To Prof Azizi, thank you for teaching us this subject. We all might know about computer, software, hardware, network and everything but we don’t know as much as you know.

I still remember this situation where…

Prof: What did you do when your laptop got hang?

Girl’s student: Cabut bateri!

Prof: What? You can just restart your laptop by holding the power for a while and wait until the screen turns black.

Then, prof proceed to the next question..

Prof: What did you do when your.. program hang but your lappy is okay?

Girl’s student: Cabut bateri!

Prof: Kalau perempuan, semua benda jadi dia cabut bateri je.

Of course the girl’s student is not me hahaha. Well i admit that i was like that about 4-5 years ago but not now. When i got panic if something happen to my laptop, i will just restart it no matter what happen. Haha


Note: I ask prof how can i get back my formatted file on my internal hard disk / local disk (D:) through facebook, and prof reply me “Boleh cuba hantar kedai. Ada software boleh recover”. Well its a relief answer because most of people said “Kalau dah format tak dapat la nak tolong. Innalillah”.


Forbidden love

Forbidden love

Admit it that you hate when your tiny toes try to be friends with the edge of a desk or a cupboard.