“Kill them with…

“Kill them with success, bury them with smile” – Uknown

One of my favorite quote ❤



“If your sins h…

“If your sins had an odour, would anyone sit next to you?” – Boona Mohamed

The quote say it all. Everyone is a sinner, everyone is smelly.


Often Allah doe…

Often Allah doesn’t give us what we ask for now because he wants to give us something more or better later on — Sh. AbdulBary Yahya

This quote is sent by my friend through whatsapp in a picture. He said “To be shared together”. 

As a reckless human, i sometimes feels like why i destined this way?  Sometimes i feels like, i am the most unfortunate person in the world. (Im sorry i can’t list more. Complaining alot but sometimes disobeying Him. I feel ashamed on myself.) 

This quote personally comforts me. To appreciate everything. To appreciate on the stage that i have climb until i’m 20. To appreciate my weakness and be grateful on how the way i are. Because, i know. Allah have a big plan for me. Bigger than my own plan. The most perfect plan ever. All i have to do is doing my best to obey Him.

I am sharing this to wake your spirit, to raise your mood. Don’t ever complaining on what Allah have stated on what are you going to be, but appreciate. Maybe one day you will understand why. 

Last word. To live a happy life, cherish every moment.